Our Services

Removals and transportation of household items around the world

By road, by air and by sea!

The specialized staff of Attica Movers, together with a constantly growing network of partners and collaborators around the world, gives you the opportunity to make all kind of moves of household goods inside and outside Greece! Whether it’s a complete door-to-door relocation, or a small shipment of personal effects or few items of priority .

All you have to do is tell us where and when you want us to give you the key!

We are able to provide quality services at very competitive prices, such as:

  • Survey visits to your place or virtual surveys for clear assessment of the volume and particularities of your move in terms of packaging and method of transport.
  • Complete packaging services, with new packing materials, special carton wardrobes for moving safely hanging clothes, and boxes of various sizes.
  • Loading / unloading of all packed items with the help of external Lift (wherever it is required and is deemed necessary).
  • Unpacking services, assembling /disassembling of pieces of furniture to be moved safely, opening of boxes and placement of small items on a flat surface.
  • Removal of used packaging materials from your home at the end of the day of delivery.
  • Possibility to arrange for the providing of special services by professional craftsmen such as electrician, carpenter for the disassembly / assembly of your special equipment.

It is worth to be noted that the materials for the packaging of your valuables are new, 5 layered boxes, durable, of high standards in order to meet the needs of a safe transport and are systematically recycled after use to keep up with the environmental sensitivity of our Company and reduce our imprint on the Environment as it is clearly underlined in the relevant environmental policy that we follow and apply.

We go where your life takes you !

After evaluating all the data of your transport and the services you desire, we choose the best possible way for the safe and smoothly organized transportation of your household goods. Whether it requires road, sea, air transportation or even combined move, Attica Movers:

Keeps you posted about the necessary customs formalities (where required) by providing you with feedback and guidance for the preparation of the necessary documents.

Provides all kind of services all over the world through the network of its partners and collaborators both for packaging or delivery and unpacking – whatever is required – absolutely guarantees DOOR TO DOOR service.

Freight transportation within Greece or abroad !

We provide excellent services of transportation and handling of pallets and cargo freights !

Having at our disposal, privately-owned trucks, all necessary constantly renewed equipment and excellent network of certified carriers, long collaboration of many years with all shipping companies, we are able to provide you with transportation :

By road:

  • Solutions for freight transport in the shortest possible time.
  • Weekly departures for all of Greece and Europe.
  • Groupage or dedicated freight transportations .
  • Customs formalities where required.
  • Insurance coverage.

By air:

  • Flexible solutions for freight transport in the shortest possible time.
  • Complete services from airport to airport & Door to Door.
  • Customs formalities where required.
  • Insurance coverage.

By sea :

  • Groupage shipment or full container transportation of goods.
  • Port to Port services
  • Complete management, delivery & distribution where you indicate us.
  • RO / RO service
  • Customs formalities where required.
  • Insurance coverage.

Relocations of offices, large companies, organizations and public services

We acknowledge the necessity for smooth company operation. We respect your priorities. We take good care of your need to secure the continuous operation of your business even at the very next working day after the relocation.

That’s why we ask you to show trust to our expertise and be confident that we will schedule and secure the smooth relocation of your offices, equipment, information systems and files as per your exact requirements.

Attica Movers has the ability to provide you with:

  • Detailed planning of the transfer schedule and strict adherence to it.
  • Packing, unpacking and disposal of used materials.
  • Complete relocation services by work position, office, department, floor.
  • Packing, transportation & repositioning of files in their existing archive order.
  • Relocation of electronical equipment, computer systems and servers
  • Adherence to safety & health procedures.

Transportation of exhibition material & Works of Art

Attica Movers has the ability to provide:

  • Planning as per your requirements, transportation schedule and strict adherence to it.
  • Collection, keeping of exhibition material in our privately owned warehouse (if required).
  • Packing, palletizing, shipping and delivery / unpacking services.
  • Labeling on exhibition material .
  • Preparation of the necessary accompanying documents and completion of the necessary procedures for smooth transportation.
  • All customs formalities required.
  • Continuous supervision of the entire project from the beginning to the delivery
    Insurance coverage.

Pet transport

For us, the transportation of your loyal friends is not only a matter of safe removal. We take it personally !

Attica Movers has the ability to provide:

  • Transportation of your pet all over Greece, all over the world.
  • Guidance and assistance in the preparation of all documents required for its transfer.
  • Door to door delivery.

Short & long-term storage

Our Company has privately-owned, safe, large storage spaces for all your needs. Whether it is a few days or months or years…

We store household items, products in pallets and deliver / distribute them wherever you wish them to be.

Our premises are guarded on a 24-hour basis and have an electronic monitoring system.