Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a move cost ?

It depends on the volume of the goods , the square footage of the house, the floor and the location (distance from the street). In addition, it depends on what services you required form us such as, for example, if an external elevator/ lift is required, if you need packing – unpacking services.

Before the removal, can a surveyor come to my residence for an estimation of the volume of my goods?

Yes. A specialized member of Attica Movers staff will visit your premises to evaluate your needs and requirements at no extra charge.

Can I send mu household goods in another city of country?

Yes. Attica Movers can guarantee high quality services for household goods, personal effects and bulky items ( for example cars, pianos etc) to be shipped to another city and country, including customs clearance procedures (wherever they are required).

Do you provide full packing/unpacking services?

Our Company uses fully recyclable packing materials and boxes and provides full packaging – unpacking services for all your goods.

I have already packed all my small items. Can you pack only furniture and bulky items ?

Attica Movers can provide relocation services according to your requirements. Of course, we can pack only items that you will suggest to us.

Can you provide only the truck transportation as my friends and family will help with the move?

Yes. We can only provide the truck transportation.

Do you have a warehouse? Can you keep my goods stored for some time ?

Yes. Attica Movers, can provide you with short term storage services or long term one in our privately owned, fully secured warehouse facility with 7 days / 24 hours security systems.