The Company



Attica Movers, as a Greek limited company, respecting the ethical rules that govern its operation, is constantly striving for its further development in order to gain the distinction of a pioneer within the international business environment.

The Company’s solid vision is to create value for its customers. Guided by the motto “we transport you where life takes you”, it is constantly developing and upgrading the quality of its services, targeting at innovative solutions, constantly expanding its activities in order to achieve a stable and creative future.

Human Resources

A basic condition for the stable development of the Company is its human resources. AM has permanent and specialized staff with an excellent level of professionalism, knowledge of safety rules and continuous updating and training in all new developments of the industry.

In this context, it diligently ensures the continuous training and development of its employees by participating in specialized, certified seminars held under the auspices of International Organization such as FIDI an IAM.

Partners around the world

Our consistent and long-term presence in the moving industry and our participation in global certified organizations of movers and transporters, has provided us with an ever-growing network of reliable quality correspondents & partners to provide a similar level of service worldwide.


  • Modern curtain and box-type trucks with eco-friendly technology, suitable for international transport and able to enter major capital cities of Europe.
  • Special box trucks, suitable for local transportation with hydraulic door,
  • Air-conditioned van with a license to transport pets
  • Electric, manual & portable lifts
  • Cranes of all types
  • Electric forklifts and equipment for handling of cargos within warehouse
  • Special lifting platforms for electric ascending of staircases
  • Electric & manual pallet trucks, trolleys, handcarts.


  • Self-Owned, storage facilities, with 24 hour security.
  • Fully equipped carpentry for the construction of wooden boxes for small groupage loads, fragile objects, antiques, works of art and Museum material